Sunday, March 25, 2012

radio archive 03-22-12

negative pleasure radio playlist 03-22-12:

  • mitch murder- remember when
  • urinals- ack ack ack ack
  • the telescopes- the perfect needle
  • skullflower- solar anus
  • bob searles- other people
  • four one and only's- i'm coming back
  • davie allan & the arrows- wild orgy

sets by guest dj vanessa pomiechowski:

  • juan trip- florida
  • beak>- wulfstan
  • implodes- marker
  • swans- my birth
  • lyonnais- modern calvary
  • the kvb- leaning
  • magazine- the light pours out of me
  • play dead- pleasureland
  • the 39 clocks- psycho beat
  • arc light- flashes of hell (7 suns)
  • the wake- favour
  • the names- nightshift
  • jj burnel- euromess
  • ceramic hello- symphony of shudders
  • minimal man- to hold you
  • anna domino- caught

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