Monday, March 12, 2012

radio archive 03-08-12

negative pleasure radio playlist 03-08-12

  • highlands- brain drain
  • urinals- ack ack ack ack
  • armand shaubroeck- ratfucker
  • thee slits- man next door
  • bourbonese qualk- head stop
  • werewolf police- street life
  • shoes this high- a mess
  • psychobud- by the fire
  • the forever people- jump into the light
  • the impressions- the young mods' forgotten story
  • the links- vehicle
  • sunray and sonic boom- music for the dreamachine
  • toddi wellman- d
  • skullflower- white fang
  • dreamdecay- 01
  • bob searles- dewey or not dewey
  • tav falco's panther burns- she's a bad motorcycle
  • the telescopes- anticipating nowhere
  • the kinks- you shouldn't be sad
  • loop- spinning

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