Sunday, March 11, 2012

radio archive 03-01-12

negative pleasure radio playlist 03-01-12

  • sixteens- working for you
  • urinals- ack ack ack ack
  • the band in heaven- sludgy dreams
  • beauregarde- pass away
  • the turncoats- call her name
  • Sa55- love is blind
  • soft kill- within this mess
  • blondes- virgin pacific
  • the forever people- black rainbow
  • electric sound of joy- total turn
  • silver apples- seagreen serenades
  • bob searles- walk on
  • paul ngozi- in the ghetto
  • spacemen 3- big city (everybody i know can be found here)
  • opal- magick power
  • skullflower- barbed wire animal
  • loop- thief (motherfucker)
  • the monkees- look out (here comes tomorrow)
  • spectrum- dream time

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