Saturday, February 11, 2012

radio archive 02-02-12

negative pleasure radio playlist 02-02-12

  • simple minds- chelsea girl
  • urinals- ack ack ack ack
  • uv pop- no songs tomorrow
  • total control- retiree
  • blank dogs- the doorbell fire
  • bob searles- beryl's theme
  • suicide- frankie teardrop, the detective meets the space alien
  • paul ngozi- can't you hear me
  • golem- godhead dance
  • eyes- that silence
  • spiritualized- medication
  • galaxie 500- final day
  • flower leperds- has hate been kind enough
  • sealings- audition
  • straight arrows- magic sceptre
  • bare wires- sweet little stranger
  • bleached- think of you
  • black tambourine- dream baby dream
  • shop assistants- safety net
  • the forever people- we'll strike again
  • clock dva- black angel's death song
  • ngozi family- nizaka panga ngozi

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