Monday, December 26, 2011

radio archive 12-22-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 12-22-11

  1. the brian jonestown massacre-thoughts of you
  2. clockcleaner- new in town
  3. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  4. total control- pyre island
  5. john carpenter- escape from new york
  6. the splash band- das ding
  7. beasts in cages- sandcastles
  8. micro naps- switchblade witch
  9. malaria- kaltes klares wasser
  10. section 25- visitation
  11. super heroines- i’m not here
  12. glaxo babies- free dem cells
  13. the petticoats- allergy
  14. the spits- tomorrow’s children
  15. the swimming pool q’s- rat bait
  16. omar khorshid- ommil habiba
  17. villa 21- losing control
  18. uruku- mc massacre
  19. pagans- real world
  20. dog faced hermans- how we connect
  21. scissor girls- the sequential
  22. diet cokeheads- jons
  23. nachut report- not completely legal
  24. skullflower- larks tongues
  25. mahmoud ahmed- hoy na-na jegnaw na
  26. the great tyrant- adorable

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