Sunday, December 11, 2011

radio archive 12-08-11

negative pleasure radio playlist for 12/08/11:
  1. goblin- suspiria
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. “phase iv”
  4. the vanishing- white walls
  5. the sixteens- this knife
  6. grill grill- they all
  7. blissed out- myrtle wyckoff
  8. survive- lunar eclipse
  9. dead virgin- cross & triangle
  10. sovjet war- just a story
  11. mystery date- pink ribbons
  12. tv21- something’s wrong
  13. this colossal youth- scissors-stone
  14. the gun club- carry home
  15. crime & the city solution- the adversary
  16. soulside- fresh air
  17. the warmers- no one like me no one like me
  18. regulator watts- false idols
  19. dance macabre- scars
  20. moon pearl- hand/stand
  21. mazes- go-betweens
  22. idol death- new lesson
  23. blank dogs- end of summer
  24. the ex & tom cora- fire & ice

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