Sunday, December 4, 2011

radio archive 11-17-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 11/17/11:

  1. sonic boom- pretty baby
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. music for pleasure- the human factor
  4. cop city/chill pillars- look around
  5. electric eels die- agitated
  6. big black- fish fry
  7. sauna youth- delta caps
  8. old skull- who lit the house
  9. slant 6- soda pop rip off
  10. the unwed teenage mothers- teenage brain
  11. the spits- sk8
  12. oh-ok- down by the beach
  13. bush tetras- punch drunk
  14. john maus- we can break though

guest dj set by shannon palmerini:

  1. as the swan sets- searching for a reason to carry on
  2. egg hunt- we all fall down
  3. the broadways- natural disaster
  4. muck- island
  5. year future- all of your eggs
  6. regulator watts- pemberton red
  7. happy go licky- twist and shout
  8. black eyes- deformative
  9. embrace- money
  10. lifter puller- the pirate and the penpal

the rest of the show:

  1. redd kross- out of focus
  2. vox pop- paint it black
  3. slickee boys- forbidden alliance
  4. no trend- family style
  5. saccharine trust- hearts & barbarians
  6. the dils- mr. big
  7. the nixe- happens
  8. simpletones- t.v. love
  9. twisted roots- snaked
  10. pink, plastic & panties- late night lovers
  11. cockney rebel- make me smile (come up and see me)
  12. the vile cherubs- never a man

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