Friday, November 11, 2011

radio archive for 11-10-11

negative pleasure radio archive for 11/10/11

  1. creedence clearwater revival- pagan baby
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. the pandoras- i'm here i'm gone
  4. dead moon- 13 going on 21
  5. ramones- swallow my pride
  6. the wipers- mystery
  7. rote kapelle- jellystone park
  8. spot the dog- toy
  9. nuclear crayons- carwalk
  10. life in general- one way
  11. slant 6- semi-blue tile
  12. redd kross- burn out
  13. bangs- train wreck
  14. puerto rico flowers- let's make friends
  15. gara- the lady in gray
  16. trial- lobotomized visions
  17. twisted nerve- medusa
  18. soul merchants- black rain
  19. wet hair- my heart is the spider my mind is the fly
  20. le dusseldorf- dusseldorf
  21. big star- my life is right
  22. cockney rebel- tumbling down
  23. squeeze- pulling mussels (from the shell)
  24. shadow of fear sick sacrifice

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