Friday, November 4, 2011

radio archive 11-03-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 11-03-11

  1. swans- sealed in skin
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- the yogurt machine
  4. john maus- bennington
  5. nika & rory- i'm not going anywhere
  6. bino- dream (for my sake)
  7. de brassers- he
  8. flower leperds- riding the blade
  9. party doll- darkest dream
  10. tearist- closest
  11. squeeze- i think i'm go go
  12. college- divided loyalty
  13. xander harris- necronomiconjure
  14. zola jesus- in your nature
  15. ike yard- cherish 8
  16. total control- retiree
  17. party day- a passing pain
  18. ultravox- young savage
  19. psychic tv- no go go
  20. cold cave- heaven was full
  21. alice cooper- department of youth
  22. tall boys- take a walk
  23. the spits- dropout
  24. otro mundo- fading
  25. the bitters- no anchor
  26. vivian girls- never see me again
  27. david bowie- star
  28. sigue sigue sputnik- rockit miss u-s-a

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