Friday, November 4, 2011

radio archive 10-27-11 halloween show!

negative pleasure radio playlist 10-27-11 halloween show!

  1. the dream syndicate- halloween
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. john carpenter- halloween 2 theme
  4. susan justin- forbidden world theme
  5. chuck cirino- chopping mall
  6. ssq- trash's theme
  7. umberto- shower scene
  8. john carpenter & alan howarth- moochie's death
  9. john harrison- until next time (creepshow end theme)
  10. john carpenter- christine parts 1&2
  11. mike armstrong- house of the devil theme
  12. repeated viewing- frozen existence (end titles)
  13. purple- the city at night
  14. yan tregger- bloodnight (instrumental)
  15. pino donaggio- coed disco frenzy (blow out)
  16. the body- a curse
  17. the great tyrant- almost dead to me
  18. deathday party- ghost pains
  19. john carpenter- chariots of pumpkins
  20. college- incident
  21. the sods- ghost rider
  22. the opehlias- the night of halloween

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