Friday, November 4, 2011

radio archive 10-13-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 10-13-11

  1. struggler- the perfect end
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- the party doctor
  4. spider- spiderlili
  5. petty crime- lacklustre
  6. the coathangers- call to nothing
  7. bleached- you take time
  8. brilliant colors- kissing's easy
  9. m.d.c.- revolution in rock
  10. naive- hotel coke pig (late nights)
  11. otro mundo- all in time
  12. different skeletons- all going to die
  13. cop city/chill pillars- egyptians
  14. story so far- radiated
  15. pink skull- bee noise
  16. vince collins- life is flashing before your eyes
  17. neil diamond- i am, i said
  18. ariel pink- immune to emotion
  19. satan's rats- louise
  20. creedence clearwater revival- walk on the water
  21. talking heads- listening wind
  22. zombelle- v is for vulture
  23. zola jesus- lick the palm of the burning handshake
  24. puerto rico flowers- keep me around
  25. bauahus- honeymoon croon
  26. siglo xx- la vie dans la nuit
  27. ausgang- crawling the walls
  28. diatribe- stop dancing
  29. hysteria- the maze

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