Friday, November 4, 2011

radio archive 09-29-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 09-29-11

  1. plane of section- important
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- bedroom ETA
  4. units- warm moving bodies
  5. iron curtain- the condos
  6. the waitresses- thinking about sex again
  7. sheila e.- romance 1600
  8. kitchen & the plastic spoons- liberty
  9. human switchboard- i can walk alone
  10. the adverts- i surrender
  11. thee headcoats- pokerhuntus was her name
  12. sic alps- occult display
  13. wet hair- echo lady
  14. bernard krause- natural magic
  15. alice cooper- hello, hooray
  16. com truise- sundripped
  17. modern witch- impersonator
  18. sealings- two cups
  19. dead moon- can't do that
  20. barbara manning- isn't lonely lovely?
  21. sam cooke- that's where it's at
  22. tater totz- rock on
  23. the fall- prole art threat
  24. talking heads- uh oh, love comes to town
  25. sparks- sextown u.s.a.
  26. the move- walk upon the water
  27. slowdive- avalyn ii
  28. kiss kiss fantastic- ravage

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