Monday, December 26, 2011

radio archive 12-22-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 12-22-11

  1. the brian jonestown massacre-thoughts of you
  2. clockcleaner- new in town
  3. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  4. total control- pyre island
  5. john carpenter- escape from new york
  6. the splash band- das ding
  7. beasts in cages- sandcastles
  8. micro naps- switchblade witch
  9. malaria- kaltes klares wasser
  10. section 25- visitation
  11. super heroines- i’m not here
  12. glaxo babies- free dem cells
  13. the petticoats- allergy
  14. the spits- tomorrow’s children
  15. the swimming pool q’s- rat bait
  16. omar khorshid- ommil habiba
  17. villa 21- losing control
  18. uruku- mc massacre
  19. pagans- real world
  20. dog faced hermans- how we connect
  21. scissor girls- the sequential
  22. diet cokeheads- jons
  23. nachut report- not completely legal
  24. skullflower- larks tongues
  25. mahmoud ahmed- hoy na-na jegnaw na
  26. the great tyrant- adorable

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radio archive 12-15-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 12-15-11

  1. crime & the city solution- the bride ship
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. college- twa flight 450
  4. com truise- norkuy
  5. puerto rico flowers- 3 sisters
  6. david byrne- the sound of business
  7. former ghosts- the last goodbye
  8. asiko rock group- together again never to part
  9. amanaz- i am very far
  10. the velvet underground- she’s my best friend
  11. lou reed- charley’s girl
  12. marueen tucker- chase
  13. skullflower- teenage lightning
  14. flower leperds- i’m eighteen
  15. masque- seasons changing
  16. silent scream- shimmering
  17. gruppenbild- tranquility
  18. sampson’s army- the edge
  19. live skull- i was wrong
  20. plane of section- menali

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

this weeks' haul...

including the latest issue of the sublime Batman- Odyssey by Neal Adams
other favorites this week- Sergio Aragones Funnies, Captain Atom, Batman

Saturday, December 17, 2011

this week's haul...

this week’s haul. includes books by dane martin, a. degen and josh bayer, and thanks to gabe at desert island comics for throwing in the free al jaffee book…

Sunday, December 11, 2011

radio archive 12-08-11

negative pleasure radio playlist for 12/08/11:
  1. goblin- suspiria
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. “phase iv”
  4. the vanishing- white walls
  5. the sixteens- this knife
  6. grill grill- they all
  7. blissed out- myrtle wyckoff
  8. survive- lunar eclipse
  9. dead virgin- cross & triangle
  10. sovjet war- just a story
  11. mystery date- pink ribbons
  12. tv21- something’s wrong
  13. this colossal youth- scissors-stone
  14. the gun club- carry home
  15. crime & the city solution- the adversary
  16. soulside- fresh air
  17. the warmers- no one like me no one like me
  18. regulator watts- false idols
  19. dance macabre- scars
  20. moon pearl- hand/stand
  21. mazes- go-betweens
  22. idol death- new lesson
  23. blank dogs- end of summer
  24. the ex & tom cora- fire & ice

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

radio archive 11-17-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 11/17/11:

  1. sonic boom- pretty baby
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. music for pleasure- the human factor
  4. cop city/chill pillars- look around
  5. electric eels die- agitated
  6. big black- fish fry
  7. sauna youth- delta caps
  8. old skull- who lit the house
  9. slant 6- soda pop rip off
  10. the unwed teenage mothers- teenage brain
  11. the spits- sk8
  12. oh-ok- down by the beach
  13. bush tetras- punch drunk
  14. john maus- we can break though

guest dj set by shannon palmerini:

  1. as the swan sets- searching for a reason to carry on
  2. egg hunt- we all fall down
  3. the broadways- natural disaster
  4. muck- island
  5. year future- all of your eggs
  6. regulator watts- pemberton red
  7. happy go licky- twist and shout
  8. black eyes- deformative
  9. embrace- money
  10. lifter puller- the pirate and the penpal

the rest of the show:

  1. redd kross- out of focus
  2. vox pop- paint it black
  3. slickee boys- forbidden alliance
  4. no trend- family style
  5. saccharine trust- hearts & barbarians
  6. the dils- mr. big
  7. the nixe- happens
  8. simpletones- t.v. love
  9. twisted roots- snaked
  10. pink, plastic & panties- late night lovers
  11. cockney rebel- make me smile (come up and see me)
  12. the vile cherubs- never a man

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Friday, November 11, 2011

radio archive for 11-10-11

negative pleasure radio archive for 11/10/11

  1. creedence clearwater revival- pagan baby
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. the pandoras- i'm here i'm gone
  4. dead moon- 13 going on 21
  5. ramones- swallow my pride
  6. the wipers- mystery
  7. rote kapelle- jellystone park
  8. spot the dog- toy
  9. nuclear crayons- carwalk
  10. life in general- one way
  11. slant 6- semi-blue tile
  12. redd kross- burn out
  13. bangs- train wreck
  14. puerto rico flowers- let's make friends
  15. gara- the lady in gray
  16. trial- lobotomized visions
  17. twisted nerve- medusa
  18. soul merchants- black rain
  19. wet hair- my heart is the spider my mind is the fly
  20. le dusseldorf- dusseldorf
  21. big star- my life is right
  22. cockney rebel- tumbling down
  23. squeeze- pulling mussels (from the shell)
  24. shadow of fear sick sacrifice

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radio archives for 10-20-11

negative pleasure radio playlist for 10/20/11

  1. purple- i will never see you again
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- bleachy is back in town, look out
  4. the clash- jimmy jazz
  5. the members- physical love
  6. personal & the pizzas- i want you
  7. bare wires- make her mine
  8. sealings- panadol
  9. the coathangers- jaybird
  10. the martian schoolgirls- life in the 1980s
  11. 100 flowers- i'm like you
  12. computer dreams- sleep
  13. college- white mosaic
  14. xander harris- martian fever
  15. umberto- jonbenet
  16. minitel rose- zombie lady
  17. la vampires & zola jesus- searching
  18. zola jesus- hikikomori
  19. sonic youth- tunic (song for karen)
  20. skullflower- spook rise
  21. spacemen 3- i want you right now
  22. the white pigs- when bobby comes back from the grave
  23. barnes & barnes- cemetery girls
  24. feud- witchtrial

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radio archives for may-july, 2010

Here are a few archived Negative Pleasure radio shows from last year. These are some of our first shows! Sorry, I don’t have playlists for these. Listen and enjoy!

May 6, 2010 download here

May 13, 2010 download here

May 20, 2010 download here

May 27, 2010 download here

June 3, 2010 download here

June 10, 2010 download here

June 17, 2010 download here

June 24, 2010 download here

July 1, 2010 download here

July 8, 2010 download here

July 15, 2010 download here

July 29, 2010 download here

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

this week's haul...

radio archives for january-march, 2011

Here are a few archived Negative Pleasure radio shows from earlier in the year. Sorry, I don't have playlists for these. Listen and enjoy!

January 6, 2011 download here

February 3, 2011 download here

February 24, 2011 download here

March 3, 2011 download here

March 10, 2011 download here

March 14, 2011 download here

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Friday, November 4, 2011

radio archive 11-03-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 11-03-11

  1. swans- sealed in skin
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- the yogurt machine
  4. john maus- bennington
  5. nika & rory- i'm not going anywhere
  6. bino- dream (for my sake)
  7. de brassers- he
  8. flower leperds- riding the blade
  9. party doll- darkest dream
  10. tearist- closest
  11. squeeze- i think i'm go go
  12. college- divided loyalty
  13. xander harris- necronomiconjure
  14. zola jesus- in your nature
  15. ike yard- cherish 8
  16. total control- retiree
  17. party day- a passing pain
  18. ultravox- young savage
  19. psychic tv- no go go
  20. cold cave- heaven was full
  21. alice cooper- department of youth
  22. tall boys- take a walk
  23. the spits- dropout
  24. otro mundo- fading
  25. the bitters- no anchor
  26. vivian girls- never see me again
  27. david bowie- star
  28. sigue sigue sputnik- rockit miss u-s-a

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radio archive 10-27-11 halloween show!

negative pleasure radio playlist 10-27-11 halloween show!

  1. the dream syndicate- halloween
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. john carpenter- halloween 2 theme
  4. susan justin- forbidden world theme
  5. chuck cirino- chopping mall
  6. ssq- trash's theme
  7. umberto- shower scene
  8. john carpenter & alan howarth- moochie's death
  9. john harrison- until next time (creepshow end theme)
  10. john carpenter- christine parts 1&2
  11. mike armstrong- house of the devil theme
  12. repeated viewing- frozen existence (end titles)
  13. purple- the city at night
  14. yan tregger- bloodnight (instrumental)
  15. pino donaggio- coed disco frenzy (blow out)
  16. the body- a curse
  17. the great tyrant- almost dead to me
  18. deathday party- ghost pains
  19. john carpenter- chariots of pumpkins
  20. college- incident
  21. the sods- ghost rider
  22. the opehlias- the night of halloween

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radio archive 10-13-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 10-13-11

  1. struggler- the perfect end
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- the party doctor
  4. spider- spiderlili
  5. petty crime- lacklustre
  6. the coathangers- call to nothing
  7. bleached- you take time
  8. brilliant colors- kissing's easy
  9. m.d.c.- revolution in rock
  10. naive- hotel coke pig (late nights)
  11. otro mundo- all in time
  12. different skeletons- all going to die
  13. cop city/chill pillars- egyptians
  14. story so far- radiated
  15. pink skull- bee noise
  16. vince collins- life is flashing before your eyes
  17. neil diamond- i am, i said
  18. ariel pink- immune to emotion
  19. satan's rats- louise
  20. creedence clearwater revival- walk on the water
  21. talking heads- listening wind
  22. zombelle- v is for vulture
  23. zola jesus- lick the palm of the burning handshake
  24. puerto rico flowers- keep me around
  25. bauahus- honeymoon croon
  26. siglo xx- la vie dans la nuit
  27. ausgang- crawling the walls
  28. diatribe- stop dancing
  29. hysteria- the maze

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radio archive 10-06-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 10-06-11

  1. repeated viewing- frozen existence (end titles)
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- introducing bleachy
  4. sleep over- stickers
  5. glass teeth- cosmetic surgery
  6. zola jesus- seekir
  7. ladytron- light & magic
  8. nac/hut report- 142 drugs
  9. assassins 88- beach people
  10. units- cannibals
  11. marianne faithfull- i'll keep it with mine
  12. tom petty- a face in the crowd
  13. violent femmes- please do not go
  14. the modern lovers- modern world
  15. cheap trick- come on, come on
  16. bangs- southern girls
  17. simple minds- boys from brazil
  18. x- i must not think bad thoughts
  19. the coathangers- go away
  20. skullflower- elf piercer
  21. old skull- homeless
  22. chrome- out of reach
  23. big black- bazooka joe
  24. the fall- kurious oranj

listen to negative pleasure radio every thursday 7-9pm on newtown radio

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radio archive 09-29-11

negative pleasure radio playlist 09-29-11

  1. plane of section- important
  2. urinals- ack ack ack ack
  3. earles & jensen- bedroom ETA
  4. units- warm moving bodies
  5. iron curtain- the condos
  6. the waitresses- thinking about sex again
  7. sheila e.- romance 1600
  8. kitchen & the plastic spoons- liberty
  9. human switchboard- i can walk alone
  10. the adverts- i surrender
  11. thee headcoats- pokerhuntus was her name
  12. sic alps- occult display
  13. wet hair- echo lady
  14. bernard krause- natural magic
  15. alice cooper- hello, hooray
  16. com truise- sundripped
  17. modern witch- impersonator
  18. sealings- two cups
  19. dead moon- can't do that
  20. barbara manning- isn't lonely lovely?
  21. sam cooke- that's where it's at
  22. tater totz- rock on
  23. the fall- prole art threat
  24. talking heads- uh oh, love comes to town
  25. sparks- sextown u.s.a.
  26. the move- walk upon the water
  27. slowdive- avalyn ii
  28. kiss kiss fantastic- ravage

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

uh oh...

Oh man, I really dropped the ball on the whole "posting at least once a week all month for Halloween" thing. Hopefully you've been following the frequently updated scare-a-thon over at my other blog, Negative Pleasure 2...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

radio archive 07-21-11

Here's the Negative Pleasure radio show from July 21, 2011:

Venus in Furs- That First Wild Kiss
Urinals- Ack Ack Ack Ack
The Vanishing- Paralyzed
David Byrne- The Great Western Road
The Leaving Trains- Hometown Blues
Apologies for Innocence- days alone
Sort Sol- Off Morning
Geoff Muldaur- Brazil
Tav Falco's Panther Burns- Brazil
The Dickies- (I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark- The Misunderstanding (Peel Session 3)
Simple Minds- Glittering Prize (Theme) (Extended)
Laurie Anderson- My Eyes
S Squad- Scene Of The Crime
Defectors- Where The Righteous Go
Gleaming Spires- Passion Pit
John Maus- Cop Killer
Kurtis Blow- If I Ruled The Wold
Sheila E.- A Love Bizarre
Ready For The World- Oh Sheila
Prince- Take me with U
Iggy Pop- Sea Of Love
FWY!- 91 FWY

download it here

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Friday, October 7, 2011

radio archive 09-08-11

Here's the Negative Pleasure radio show from September 8, 2011:

NEGATIVE PLEASURE (LIVE) - September 08 2011
1. david byrne - art thou greater than he?
2. hot blood - sex me
3. urinals - ack ack ack ack
4. avocado baby - outer space lover
5. lung leg - mo's nightmare
6. mdc - no place to piss
7. shock - this generation is on vacation
8. my dad is dead - anti-socialist 2
9. citizen uk - apocalypse
10. steve moore - primitive neural pathways
11. jan hammer - airport swap
12. tommy tutone - baby it's alright
13. creedence clearwater revival - hey tonight
14. arthur brown - fire
15. the raincoats - honey mad woman
16. the clash - death is a star
17. kid creole & the coconuts - dear addy
18. brian eno - and then so clear
19. salem - water
20. wu-tang clan - kill too hard
21. gza - investigative reports
22. electrelane - between the wolf and the dog
23. bogshed - summer in my lunchtime
24. the fall - couldn't get ahead (live)
25. 100 flowers - long arm of the social sciences
26. spacemen 3 - ode to street hassle
27. the wipers - no generation gap
28. u-roy - wear you to the ball
29. camberwell now - wheat futures

download it here

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radio archive 09-15-11

Here's the Negative Pleasure radio show from September 15, 2011:

1. sigue sigue sputnik - atari baby
2. gang of four - of the instant
3. pink floyd - come in number 51, your time is up
4. george carlin - toldeo window box
5. the membranes - all skin and bone
6. urinals - ack ack ack ack
7. gary panter - i fought the lord
8. in excelsis - one way (dub)
9. bogshed - packed lunch to school
10. fur bible - headbolt
11. old dirty bastard - going down
12. blixa bargeld - somewhere over the rainbow
13. vincent price - somewhere over the rainbow
14. tricky - vent
15. the mekons - (a dancing master such as) mr. confess
16. 8:*) - 666 polito
17. glass teeth - while you're away
18. mico naps - wind in the curtain
19. count vertigo - i'm a mutant
20. sisters of mercy - walk away
21. creedence clearwater revival - the midnight special
22. alex chilton - i'm so tired
23. tater totz - 1,2,3 red light
24. jonathan richman - those conga drums
25. kid creole & the coconuts - there but for the grace go i
26. machine - there but for the grace of god go i
27. the flying lizards - preface

download it here

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

the countdown to halloween begins...

Whoa, it's been a really long time since I've written anything here. The reasons for this have been many, some good (new job, working in the comics industry, keeping me pretty busy), some less good (bad health), but to be totally honest the main reason why I haven't written anything recently is that I just haven't felt like it. After a couple of years of pretty regular blogging, I got kind of tired of having opinions and putting them up on the internet. I was feeling pretty burned out. That said, I've been participating in the Countdown to Halloween for the past few years and I wanted to be a part of it this year too, so I'm making a concerted efforts to get some posts up this month, review some horror flicks, maybe scan some more horror comics, get the blood pumping in this blog again. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do, but my intention is to post at least 1-2 times a week this month (hopefully more). Meanwhile, you can check out daily posts (all horror related this month) on my other, more visually oriented blog, Negative Pleasure 2.

Anyway, stay tuned for more...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

radio archive 08-04-11

Here's another archived playlist from Negative Pleasure Radio. This was our show on August 4, 2011. Enjoy...

Big Black Kerosene
Urinals Ack Ack Ack Ack
Louis C.K. Diet
Public Image Ltd. Go Back
Cluster Caramel
Zola Jesus Vessel
Section 25 beneath the blade
Malaria! jealousy
The Homosexuals Hearts In Exile
Wu-Tang Clan Conditioner
Snoop Dogg Y'all Gone Miss Me
The Rolling Stones Miss You
Laid Back White horse
Midiroket Nightflight (Limited Mixdown)
Sort Sol Circle Hits The Flame
Link Wray Big City Stomp
John Maus Cop Killer
The Vanishing Still Lifes
John Williams The Long Goodbye (Trio Version)
John Williams The Long Goodbye (Vocal)
The Leaving Trains What Cissy Said
Skat Femme Fatale
Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico The Black Angel's Death Song
Naked On The Vague High Noon

Download it here

radio archive 08-11-11

Here's another archived playlist from Negative Pleasure Radio. This was our show on August 11, 2011. Enjoy...

The Velvet Underground -All Tomorrow's Parties
Urinals -Ack Ack Ack Ack
Cortex -Silent Retriever
Neon Blud -Neon Agenda
M.D.C. -Dick For Brains
Billy Synth And The Turn Ups -Pushin' Too Hard
White Lung -Viva La Rat
Paul Roland -Demon In A Glass Case
Wugazi -Another Chessboxin' Argument
King Tubby Vs. Wu Tang -Pinky Ring Brand New
Bo Diddley -Surfer's Love Chant
Lightnin' Hopkins -Mr. Charlie (Part 1)
Lightnin' Hopkins -Mr. Charlie (Part 2)
Small Black Pig -The Lady Died
Petty Crime -Mathematics
Delicate Vomit -Mr. Potato Head
Avocado Baby -Cinema Date
Lung Leg -Maid To Minx
Public Image Ltd. -Like That
John Carpenter -Assault On Precinct 13
Spacemen 3 -Rollercoaster
The 13th Floor Elevators -Slip Inside This House
Creedence Clearwater Revival -Keep on Chooglin'
Bad Brains -destroy babylon
The Ex + Tom Cora -Total Preparation

Download it here

Sunday, July 17, 2011

radio archive 07-07-11

Here is the archive of one of our recent radio shows, check it out here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. zoo - flicktarana
2. urinals - ack ack ack ack
3. maria minerva - new life
4. cop city/chill pillars - subtropical apartment
5. assassins 88 - raising phoenix
6. neon blud - neon nites
7. public image limited - memories
8. cortex - mayhem troopers
9. daniel johnston - tears stupid tears
10. jonathan richman - stop this car
11. thee milkshakes - brand new cadillac
12. the renegades - cadillac
13. the downliners sect - cadillac
14. t.rex - cadillac
15. inca babies - grunt cadillac hotel
16. the avengers - car crash
17. the cadets - car crash
18. the clash - car jamming
19. wet hair - when the right time comes
20. brian eno - here he comes
21. cluster - avanti
22. david byrne - glass, concrete & stone
23. laurie anderson - smoke rings
24. john maus - cop killer
25. naked on the vague - poltergeist palm

download it here

radio archive 07-14-11

Here is the archive of our most recent radio show, check it out here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

NEGATIVE PLEASURE (LIVE) - July 14 2011 TrackList
1. la dusseldorf - jag alskar dig
2. urinals - ack ack ack ack
3. diet cokeheads - number to call
4. the vanishing - idle eyes
5. veronica lipgloss & the evil eyes - strip mall glass
6. autonervous - gold
7. the sixteens - community people
8. grace jones - walking in the rain
9. roxy music - same old scene
10. umberto - put an apd on those bastards
11. purple - the city at night
12. the coup de villes - i really need you
13. phoebe cates - how do i let you know
14. jane bond & the undercover men - come on up
15. joel fajerman - waterproof
16. jan hammer - crockett's theme
17. john maus - cop killer
18. the leaving trains - leaving train
19. cop shoot cop - any day now
20. the wedding present - never said
21. yo la tengo - somebody's baby
22. big country - inwards
23. marianne faithfull - visions of johanna
24. van morrison - if i ever needed someone
25. laurie anderson - hiawatha

download it here

Friday, July 8, 2011

radio archive 03-24-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. spacemen 3 - things'll never be the same
2. urinals - ack ack ack ack
3. sin 34 - forced education
4. descontrol - descontrol
5. the conservatives - confusion
6. rf7 - perfect world
7. shattered faith - right is right
8. the crowd - right time
9. scavengers - true love
10. ill will - paranoid
11. social suicide - foul appetite
12. circle jerks - live fast die young
13. bad brains - pay to cum
14. kalashnikov - schluters kabinet
15. big black - big payback
16. the rivals - here comes the night
17. cambridge apostles - can't fight the feeling
18. dub sex - swerve
19. ghost driver - road kill
20. white car - reality beat
21. triobelisk - distant star
22. no crisis - she's into the scene
23. the payola$ - jukebox
24. bangs - scorpi-oh
25. gang of four - at home he's a tourist
26. au pairs - we're so cool
27. maximum joy - searching for a feeling
28. young marble giants - credit in the straight world
29. the slits - once upon a time in the living room
30. the raincoats - go away
31. the pipkins - here come de kins
32. neil young - words (between the lines of age)

download it here

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

radio archive 03-31-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. pookey blow - get up (and go to school)
2. urinals - ack ack ack ack
3. the germs - media blitz (live)
4. saccharine trust - hearts & barbarians
5. vox pop - you're my favorite
6. randoms - let's get rid of ny
7. the weirdos - neutron bomb
8. ill repute - it's not going to happen to me
9. agent orange - bloodstains
10. minutemen - search
11. big boys - history
12. deadline - aftermath
13. subverts - state of the union
14. legal weapon - daddy's gone mad
15. sister nancy - gwan a school
16. bottle party riddim - version
17. thiestin howl iii - swena swena
18. u-god - night the city cried
19. steve moore - steve moore
20. the instigators - we don't know what we want
21. the pipkins - my baby loves lovin'
22. darkthrone - accumulation of generalisation
23. mdc - missle destroyed civilization
24. women in prison - the birth of rots
25. the fall - rebellious jukebox
26. pink panther punk - it's still rock n' roll to me
27. chipmunk punk - you may be right
28. the agenda - black knees
29. nick lowe - marie provost
30. swans - sensitive skin

download it here

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

radio archive 06-23-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on


1. daniel johnston - funeral home
2. blank dogs - falling back
3. tv colours - heavy metal sleeve skies
4. naked on the vauge - dissatisfaction
5. cortex - napalm sticks to kids
6. liket lever - levande begravd
7. the mekons - hard to be human again
8. wet hair - decay
9. rza - chi kung
10. body count - anthem
11. slayer & ice t - disorder
12. anthrax - hy pro glo
13. thee headcoats - troubled times
14. thee mighty caesars - loathesome & wild
15. thee milkshakes - little bettina
16. silicon teens - sweet little sixteen
17. rhino 39 - night in watts
18. oh-ok - playtime
19. flying lizards - get up (i feel like being a sex machine)
20. laurie anderson - talk normal
21. david byrne - somebody
22. magnetic fields - fear of trains
23. marianne faithfull - crazy lady blues
24. neu! - la bomba

anyway, download it here

radio archive 04-07-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on


no tracklist for this one. opens up with some flipper, ends with some laurie anderson or something. same as pretty much every show, haha.

anyway, download it here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

radio archive 06-16-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on


1. the vanishing - still lifes are failing
2. the sixteens - figurative character
3. autonervous - still kaltes
4. veronica lipgloss & the evil eyes - let me see your eyes
5. the leaving trains - hometown blues
6. thee milkshakes - el salvador
7. general public - tenderness
8. bananarama - the wild life
9. debbie harry - angel's song
10. lindsey buckingham - holiday road
11. wallace shawn - "look, here's the question..."
12. kenny powers - follow the yellow brick road
13. neu! - hero
14. urinals - ack ack ack ack
15. weyes blood & the dark juices - storms that breed
16. naked on the vauge - clock of 12's
17. payola$ - china boys
18. the runaways - dead end justice
19. the avengers - paint it black
20. modern warfare - street fightin' man
21. lynda barry - i'm not home #6
22. julian lynch - a day at the racetrack
23. wet hair - tarantula
24. zeus b. held - the fool on the hill
25. hounds of hate - purple stuff
26. the chosen few - i second that emotion
27. pat kelly - wonderful world
28. pat rhoden - living for the city
29. buccaneer - punky brewster
30. lynda barry - i'm not home #5
31. the lo yo yo - i can hold my own hand
32. iggy pop - sincerity
33. the breeders - walk it off
34. the mekons - neglect
35. the raincoats - don't be mean
36. bo diddley - what's bugging you? (cracking up)
37. sam cooke - tennessee waltz
38. the yobs - the worm song
39. eno-moebius-roedelius - the belldog

download it here

radio archive 04-21-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. laurie anderson - sharkey's night
2. flipper - you nought me
3. urinals - ack ack ack ack
4. desperate bicycles - it's somebody's birthday today
5. gleaming spires - big hotels
6. rheingold - augenblick
7. coaltar of the deepers - light of the world
8. sexy sushi - dvd
9. heartsrevolution - digital suicide
10. the deadly divorce - untitled (track 4)
11. sparks - metaphor
12. the fastbacks - it's your birthday
13. asakawa maki - wasureta yo
14. michael bloomfield - theme from "bad"
15. riz ortolani - cannibal holocaust theme
16. keith emerson - taxi ride
17. laibach - opus dei
18. devo - golden energy
19. ildjarn - svart dag
20. mayhem - buried by time and dust
21. darkthrone - the watchtower
22. the seconds - o no it ain't so
23. cobra killer - i like it when it burns a bit
24. unknown - memorex birthday rap
25. david byrne - winter

download it here

Friday, June 17, 2011

radio archive 05-05-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. gleaming spires - funk for children (part 2)
2. urinals - ack ack ack ack
3. sparks - angst in my pants
4. gleaming spires - all night party
5. sort sol - midnight train to summer
6. the cars - drive
7. magazine - permafrost
8. public image limited - poptones
9. blood sausage - lalo
10. blank dogs - meltdown cloud
(there are more songs, I lost the rest of the tracklist)

download it here

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

radio archive 05-12-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

1. weyes blood & the dark juices - romneydale
2. trouble funk - hey fellas
3. death - politicians in my eyes
4. dannielradall - el aislamiento
5. lizzy mercier descloux - bim bam boum
6. annabel lamb - so lucky in bed
7. bounty killer - dead this time
8. christian aids - scum
9. yard trauma - i'm invisible
10. paul roland - gary gilmore's eyes
11. poly styrene - silly billy
12. neil young - out on the weekend
13. lou reed - ride into the sun
14. jonathan richman - when i'm walking
15. the pogues - haunted
16. king tubby & the aggrovators - natty version
17. tommy mccook - roots man shuffle
18. the moondogs - who's gonna tell mary?
19. iggy pop - billy is a runaway
20. blood sausage - slacker shanty
21. thee mighty caesars - cowboys are square
22. crime - i stupid anyway
23. bay city rollers - jenny's gotta dance
24. tartan horde - bay city rollers we love you
25. nick lowe - rollers show
26. t. rex - sound pit
27. the shivvers - no reaction
28. buzzcocks - i believe
29. sic alps - occult display
30. the shop assistants - what a way to die
31. gary numan - a dream of siam

download it here

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

radio archive 05-19-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

no playlist for this one

download it here

Saturday, June 11, 2011

radio archive 05-26-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

Playlist for May 26, 2011

7. one gang logic - who killed sex?
8. the members - gang war
9. the boys - cop cars
10. iggy pop - tell me a story
11. the lurkers - take me back to babylon
12. payola$ - tnt
13. 999 - let's face it
14. subdue - beyond the darkness
15. leno lovecraft - clarie & cynthia
16. nite jewel - all out of order
17. laurel halo - embassy
18. geneva jacuzzi - do i sad?
19. black devil - "h" friend
20. jan hammer - candy
21. personal & the pizzas - i don't want think about it
22. sort sol - marble station
23. spacemen 3 - o.d. catastrophe
24. laurie anderson - o superman
25. david byrne - theodora is dozing
26. teengirl fantasy - dripped

download it here

radio archive 06-02-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

Here is the playlist for June 2, 2011
1. thursday's children - help murder police
2. members - police car
3. vicious circle - police brutality
4. the clash - police & thieves
5. the dicks - hate the police
6. the cheaters - i wanna be a policeman
7. the sods - police
8. mutators - police eyelash
9. wallace shawn - "i pull myself over to the window..."
10. neu! - seeland
11. urinals - ack ack ack ack
12. elvis costello & the attractions - party party
13. joe strummer - burning lights
14. suzy saxon & the anglos - get out of my stomach (song for ray)
15. suzy saxon & the anglos - get out of my stomach (song for ray)
16. the traits - high on a cloud
17. eat skull - no intelligence
18. roky erickson & the aliens - i think of demons
19. buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
20. the wedding present - i'm not always so stupid
21. umberto - illegal entry with intent to zuul
22. snake logan - lab entrance
23. miami nights 1984 - on the run
24. 18 carat affair - saturday night
25. leno lovecraft - cybernetic
26. poly styrene - sacred temple
27. sparks - angst in my pants (live 1982)
28. erika burke - homeward bound
29. bernard krause & merry clayton - poor white hound dog
30. mick jagger - memo from turner
31. the rolling stones - emotional rescue
32. daddy screw, delly ranks, gen. pacos - ghost town medley
33. david byrne - the dream police
34. laurie anderson - let x=x
35. la dusseldorf - geld

download it here

radio archive 06-09-11

I recently came into some archived versions of my radio show, so I figured I'd upload them and post them over here and at Negative Pleasure 2.

Negative Pleasure radio plays live every Thursday from 7-9pm on

Here is the playlist and archive for our most recent show, June 9, 2011:
1. the gleaming spires - brain button part 2
2. experience unlimited - da butt
3. prince & the revolution - i would die 4 u (extended)
4. evangelicals - bellawood
5. simple minds - boys from brazil
6. the distributors - t.v. me
7. lynda barry - naked ladies
8. neu! - weissensee
9. urinals - ack ack ack ack
10. night riders - don't say
11. head of david - bugged
12. the fire engines - sympathetic anaesthetic
13. minutemen - paranoid chant (live)
14. mel-o-tones - lice age
15. yell-o-yell - kiss
16. bush tetras - can't be funky
17. burning sensation - i wonder
18. svt - heart of stone
19. sparks - sextown usa (live)
20. teenage fanclub & de la soul - fallin'
21. look blue go purple - i don't want you anyway
22. chin chin - love song
23. four one and only's - i don't want to go through it again
24. eton crop - quality in the grooves
25. rote kapelle - fire escape
26. the shop assistants - all day long
27. the shop assistants - all day long
28. fire hydrant men - i'm in the pits since my racing driver baby left me
29. that dog. - one summer night
30. malaria - you you
31. crime & the city solution - i have the gun
32. sic alps - wake up, it's over
33. willy deville - it's so easy
34. puberty - parties
35. big country - in a big country (extended)
36. sort sol - abyss revisited
37. lake radio - always

download it here

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hello, I just wanted to check in and write something to keep this blog alive. I've been really negligent of it over the past year or so, part of a greater negligence towards my writing in general, something I'm working, albeit very slowly, or remedying. It seems that teaching writing actually makes me want to write less, not more, which is a bit counterintuitive, but also the way it is. Actually it's not really a matter of wanting to write, I have to desire, it's a matter of sitting my fat ass down in front of the keyboard and actually typing up some words that's the problem. I just haven't had it in me lately. I guess I've been going through kind of a rough patch, not really getting excited or caring about much, not really feeling my thoughts on things were particularly interesting or worthwhile, not really feeling like anybody cares if I write or not, which of course is totally counterproductive, people do tend to read this blog when I post, and seem to get into it somewhat when I post frequently, and I certainly keep meaning to post with more frequency, I just haven't, but tonight I'm posting, for better or worse.

One thing I've been meaning to write about is how much I hated Black Swan. I knew I was going to hate it going in, and there were no surprises. I hate Darren Aranofsky. I think he makes pretentious, boring movies and it shocks me that he gets so many accolades for them. Black Swan was no different. It's basically a rehash of every American remake of every b-movie Asian horror flick, with the main character seeing things and questioning their reality, but to no real end. At one point I even said, "All this needs is a little pale kid coming out of the shadows" and at that moment, a shadowy figure emerged from said shadows and ran across the screen. I'm also perplexed by the popularity of Natalie Portman in this film. Her entire performance is based on being on the verge of tears and about to cry, or crying. On the whole, I found the film very predictable and formulaic, and I wish everybody would stop coming off like it's some great artistic masterpiece, cuz it ain't.

One "artistic masterpiece" I did see was Glen and Randa, directed by Jim McBride, and written by the great Rudolph Wurlitzer, one of my favorite screenwriters and novelists. Glen and Randa is kind of a hippie dippy sci-fi flick, with the titular couple roaming the post-apocalyptic wasteland, looking for the nonexistent city of Metropolis, which Glen has idealized through reading comic books. Along the way they encounter several generally well-meaning if eccentric characters, Randa becomes pregnant and things become somewhat grim, despite the generally absurdist comic nature of the rest of the film. I really dug it. It was show as part of a Wurlitzer retrospective at Anthology Film Archives this spring, and after the screening the audience was treated to a Q&A with Wurlitzer and his friend, filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. Wurlitzer was soft-spoken and modest, Downey a bit more gregarious and good-humored, both were absolutely terrific. I'd just like to put both of them in my pocket and carry them around. Wurlitzer told a couple of stories about working with Sam Peckinpah, both of which involved Peckinpah naked and waving a gun around.

Meanwhile, to nerd out for a second, I haven't really written much about new comics on this blog in a long time, but I'm a pretty avid reader of all things DC comics these days, have been for several years, and I recently finished their last big crossover series, Brightest Day. I generally don't like crossover series, although there have been some good ones, Crisis on Infinite Earths, of course, and more recently Identity Crisis, which some people criticized as being too violent, but I thought was a pretty good depiction of classic superheroes in a more realistic, difficult situation that the books often present. Everything since then has been a bit overreaching and disjointed for my taste. Grant Morrison's work on Final Crisis made no sense at all. He's a writer I've really had my fill with, all of his work is intentionally fractured and confusing, and there's really no point to any of it. Something about madness, I guess, but, god, isn't that kind of trite? Darkest Night was really repetitive, with countless comics full of dead characters coming back to life as Black Lanterns and then being defeated, it was basically the same story told over and over again. Finally Brightest Day seemed to be building up to something with a 24 issue series, multiple characters in multiple storylines, but the finale, in which Swamp Thing is resurrected to fight some kind of evil Black Lantern Swamp Thing, totally came out of nowhere. Deus ex Swamp Thing, if you will. As much as I like Swamp Thing, and as much as I'm glad to have him back as a character, the ending didn't fit the story, and that was really a shame. I think I'll be sitting out DC's next big event, Flashpoint, and I'm bummed they're cancelling some of my favorite books- R.E.B.E.L.S., Doom Patrol and Streets of Gotham, to make way for dozens of Flashpoint tie-in comics. My problem here, in the end, comes down to storytelling, which I think is being neglected in favor of scale and spectacle. Of course, there's no reason these three things can't co-exist, but it seems beyond the likes of Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns. Anyway, I'll still be reading some of DC's non-Flashpoint comics...

So, yeah, just a little bit of a late nite roundup right here. It's good to write and think about things and get some opinions out there. Hope somebody's still reading!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

searchers 2.0...

Sy Richardson

Last time I wrote, and yeah, it's been too damn long by far, was about the intriguing but slightly disappointing Alex Cox film "Repo Chick," the semi-sequel/remake of his classic debut feature "Repo Man." This time I'm happier to write about a thoroughly impressive Alex Cox flick, "Searchers 2.0." Cox has long been a student and fan of the western, particularly the spaghetti western, and particularly especially the obscure spaghetti western. He took a couple of shots at the genre in the 1980s with "Straight to Hell" and "Walker," two fairly wonderful films that never really got their due upon release, perplexing both critics and audiences, but in the years since have been met with at least somewhat of a re-evaluation and become more appreciated, even if only among certain cinephiles, and even if not to the degree of love that they deserve. Which is fine, in a way. It's nice to have strange, overlooked films we can call our own little brilliant misunderstood cinematic monsters tramping around underfooot. Not everything, after all, needs to be for everyone. Not everything needs to be AVATAR, or whatever, and if it happens that there are a few films out there mainly for us (or just for me, why the fuck not?), all the better.

Anyway, "Searchers 2.0" brings Alex Cox back to the western, though as the title (of course a reference to John Ford's masterpiece "The Searchers") reflects, it's a kind of self-reflexive meta-western. The story centers around two former western movie actors who meet and realize they share a common enemy in a sadistic screenwriter who beat them on set as children. The plan becomes to track this writer down and beat him back, then possibly to rob him. Some of the details aren't entirely clear. Generally, though, these two aging cowboy extras want revenge.

The setting is the American West but it's a very 21st century American West. The duo travel, with one of their daughters, in a busted, oversized SUV they can barely afford to keep in gas. The landscape they travel is littered with little gas stations and mini-marts, motels and it's punctuated with memorials to soldiers fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a somewhat grim setting, offset by the humor of the characters dialogue, which fluctuates between comic bickering and more friendly discussions of film (and politics naturally), though nobody seems to be able to get any of the titles or actors right for any of the films they talk about.

The two actors are played by Del Zamora and Ed Pansullo, both regulars in Cox's films since "Repo Man," and their screenwriter nemesis is played by one of Cox's most regular performances, perhaps one of Cox's muses, the great Sy Richardson (who has also been with Cox since "Repo Man"). This gives the film the air of being a family affair (Cox also appears in the film briefly, as does executive producer Roger Corman) and indeed, when the final showdown arrives, it is not violent but ultimately good-natured, as the three men battle off with spaghetti western movie trivia. It's a funny scene and a fitting climax to this cantankerous yet goodhearted film.

This might not be a film for everyone. It lacks the meta-humor of "Repo Man," the outrageous violence and punk attitude of "Straight to Hell" and the series politics of "Walker," but it's a charming and perhaps most importantly very HUMAN exploration of men and their memories and regrets, not entirely unlike Ford's "Searchers," but without the violent veneer. Still, it fits in nicely with Cox's ouevre and shows his maturation as a filmmaker and perhaps as a person in general, and is certainly worth the time of any adventurous filmgoer...

Alex Cox

Sunday, January 16, 2011

repo chick...

A long time favorite filmmaker of mine, Alex Cox has never really received the kind of attention and credit his work deserves. After the relative successes of REPO MAN and SID & NANCY, he alienated audiences and critics with films that were too esoteric (STRAIGHT TO HELL) or too esoteric and radically political (WALKER). After a couple more stabs at mainstream indie films, with HIGHWAY PATROLMAN and THE WINNER (which I believe Cox ultimately had his name taken off of due to editorial conflict), the filmmaker retreated into a world of even more esoteric, lower-budgeted films which he had more creative control over. The results have been mixed (I'm more partial to THREE BUSINESSMEN than THE REVENGER'S TRAGEDY), but the vision of these projects has been purely Cox's, and that's something I respect.

Now comes REPO CHICK, Cox's semi-sequel/semi-remake to his classic REPO MAN. REPO MAN, I must admit, is probably my favorite film of all time. It really changed the way I think about film, storytelling, humor and was also a movie I have long felt a strong sense of identification with, from early adolescence until to day. The REPO MAN soundtrack(featuring Iggy Pop, Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, Fear, the Plugz and others) was the first punk album I ever owned. When I was in high school, I rented the REPO MAN VHS tape so frequently from the local video store they'd just let me take it for free if I rented a couple of other movies. My obsession with the film has not abated over the years. Just a couple of years ago I had the opportunity to interview Sy Richardson (who played Lite in REPO MAN and has been in most of Cox's other movies) on my radio show, and that was just a wonderful treat. There's always something to keep my love of REPO MAN alive.

That said, REPO CHICK is absolutely nothing like REPO MAN, although many of the older film's cast members (Miguel Sandoval, Del Zamora, Zander Schloss, Olivia Barash, Jennifer Balgobin) appear and it's fun to see them older and in different roles. Stylistically, though, the movies are radically different, and I do have to give credit to Cox for not simply retreading what worked before, even at the expense of audience satisfaction, because REPO CHICK is frequently kind of a confounding film. Parts are stilted and awkward, almost intentionally so, as much of the humor is very campy. But there is humor, and a lot of it works and provides laughs, and the film is appropriately politically subversive and reasonably clever in that respect.

There are some elements that seem to have to do with budgetary limitations that give the film an at times surreal, almost video art quality. Characters are projected before elaborate backdrops. Scenes of cars and trains driving are done with (intentionally) obvious miniatures. It's colorful and creative and gives the movie a real individual quality.

If REPO CHICK really suffers from anything it's the lack of a strong central character. Jacyln Jonet is appealing enough as the REPO CHICK, but her whole character is constructed to be kind of unsympathetic and unlikable. This isn't bad in and of itself, movies don't require likable leads to be good, but in a film this fast-paced and cartoonish, the result was somewhat alienating. Time is also a factor, as some character development is eschewed in favor of moving the comedic plot points forward, we don't get to spend very much intimate time with the Repo Chick, something some of the other characters, particularly Sandoval's (as well as his cohorts played by Richard Beltran from EATING RAOUL and NIGHT OF THE COMET and Rosanna Arquette), are awarded more generously, and to great effect.

So yeah, the part of me that hoped that this would prove to be the second coming of REPO MAN was disappointed, but the part of me that appreciates a highly original, creative albeit flawed campy politicized romp was pleased well enough. Though perhaps REPO CHICK is not a movie for all tastes, I encourage people to see it and especially to see it theatrically if they can, because we need more movies like this, more individual visions, more low budget flicks, more of everything REPO CHICK is, warts and all...

Monday, January 3, 2011

the future of negative pleasure...

Ugh, so, I see myself in danger of neglecting this blog again where it's my actual intention to keep it vital and in fact do more with it that I have in the past. It's always seemed like a pipe dream, but one ambition of mine has been to take the Negative Pleasure aesthetic and turn it into a book of some kind, chronicling a mix of overlooked, under-seen and generally so-bad-they're-brilliant kinds of films, keeping a particular eye cocked to the gutter. My main obstacle in doing this so far has sadly been myself, I simply haven't worked on the project enough, haven't been writing enough and subsequently don't feel terribly confident in my words. Anyway, I suppose I should make it my New Year's Resolution just to write, here on the blog and also on the book, push my way through the awkward, non-confident phase back to the time when I felt like I could turn a phrase with some kind of finesse, if such a thing is possible. Can I do this? I don't rightly know, but I know I need to try, so I guess that's what I'm going to do.
In the meantime, here is the proto-list of films I'm interested in covering in Negative Pleasure book. I'm open to suggestions and additions, and to any reliable sources about information on these films, be they books or websites or people I can talk to.
Anyway, the initial list is as follows:

1. Murder in the Blue World

2. Last House on Dead End Street

3. Lemora- a Child’s Tale of the Supernatural

4. The Witch Who Came from the Sea

5. They Call Her One Eye

6. Criminally Insane

7. Linda Lovelace for President

8. Kidnapped Coed

9. Fat Girl

10. Dead End Drive-In

11. Class of 1999

12. Hardware

13. Boarding House

14. Meet the Applegates

15. The Pit

16. Fade to Black

17. Evilspeak

18. Messiah of Evil

19. Secret Ceremony

20. The Todd Killings

21. Out of the Blue

22. Times Square

23. Miami Blues

24. Love Me Deadly

25. Walker

26. Last Summer

27. Nightmare

28. Equinox

29. Crucible of Horror

30. Deep End

What works for you? What doesn't? Anything not obscure enough? Too obscure? Not good/bad enough? Post your comments here or email me a

Also, for you reading edification, here is my initial proposal:


As much as we all love a good movie, be it simply an effective entertainment or a transcendental masterpiece, most filmgoers hold a nearly equal place in their affections for certain less-than-wonderful cinematic treasures too. Bad movies, b-movies, exploitation movies and all flavors in-between have stoked the imagination of many a viewer throughout the years. Now, bad can mean more than one thing here. There are of course films that are bad on a technical level, with crummy sets and lighting. There are films that are poorly written or that feature bad acting. There are films that fail to stretch the suspension of disbelief required to appreciate most entertainments. There are films that feel cheap and others that are gaudily extravagant. Then there are films that combine any or many of these perceived flaws. Beyond all of this, however, there are films that simply exude an aura of, not even necessarily badness, but incorrectness. Films that confuse the senses, inspire discomfort, films that go too far, or that take the viewers somewhere they never wanted to go. These films need not be “bad” in the conventional sense, though they often are. Defined by more than mere quality, this is a cinema sublime. This is the cinema of Negative Pleasure.

Negative Pleasure the Book seeks to make some kind of sense out of these so-bad-they’re-good-and-then-some kind of movies. As movies such as these have so often fallen into relative obscurity, Negative Pleasure aims to mine the relics of outcast cinema for 30 of the strangest and most striking films that never really got their day under the sun. Rather than trotting out familiar cult items like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” or “Donnie Darko,” Negative Pleasure plunges into the depths of cinematic oddities and excavates the oddest of the odd, 30 films that will confound, perplex, infuriate, at times even disgust but ultimately edify and enlighten adventurous moviegoers. This last part is central to the notion of Negative Pleasure. These films aren’t just trash, and this book not just a cinematic freakshow. Negative Pleasure films are all art in their own way, they reward the viewer who can see past their cheapness and exploitation elements to the essence of cinema within (even, perhaps, when some of the makers of these films couldn’t).

Bad or strange movies have long been the topic of popular books, from the Medved Brothers’ Golden Turkey Awards (which ignited public interest in the films of Ed Wood), to Danny Pear’s Cult Movies series, which tracked the progression of left-of-mainstream films from the silent era through the 1980s, to the more serious criticism found in J. Hoberman and Jonathan Rosenbaum’s Midnight Movies. Indeed, the cult movie is alive and well today, be it mainstream films that get a second life on video or at midnight screenings, such as “The Big Lebowski” and “Office Space,” or camp classics like “Showgirls,” and oddities from other eras, like “Troll 2” or “Teen Witch.” There certainly is an audience other there right now for the strangest, worst-best obscurities of cinema than can be unearthed, and few are more qualified to do the celluloid excavation of these anti-classics than author Harris Smith. A humanities professor at School of the Visual Arts and graduate of the Masters in Media Studies program at the New School, Smith is a lifelong cineaste and a critically acclaimed film and video maker, as well as a publisher of underground comics and a longtime online radio personality and DJ. He has been researching the world’s most obscure movies for decades, writing extensively about them on his blogs and, and as a contributor to the film criticism anthology Captured- a Film/Video History of the Lower East Side (Seven Stories Press). In addition, he has experience in the film industry, having worked on films by Jim Jarmusch and Hal Hartley, among others. In researching this book, he has selected 30 of the strongest, strangest, most mind-bendingly bad and bizarre titles he could find, focusing as much as possible on films that are obscure yet available to the public on DVD or Blu Ray. Each film will receive its own chapter with description, meticulously researched historical information, and expert analysis, and will feature, as much as possible, poster art and stills from the films."