Tuesday, December 21, 2010

favorite films of 2010...

It's been my plan since October to ease my way back into writing regularly on this blog, something that has yet to happen, but to which I still maintain the intention. Though I don't have anything particularly ambitions to say about these films at the moment, I thought I'd share my favorite films from 2010. There are only three (well, actually four, but one of them is by a friend of mine, so I wanted to include it separately), which isn't to say I couldn't come up with a list of 10 movies I liked this year (though each year that becomes a bit more challenging), it's that when I thought of the new films I did see, these are the three (four) that immediately sprang to mind.

Life During Wartime (Todd Solondz)

Blue Beard (Catherine Breillat)

White Material (Claire Denis)

And, finally, the documentary SOMETIMES CITY, about Cleveland, by my friend Tom Jarmusch, which you can read a nice review of here...

In general, I found most of the movies I saw this year and many of the trends that seem to be happening in cinema disappointing at best and extremely alienating at worst. It's disappointing when cheap "mindfuck" movies like BLACK SWAN, ANTICHRIST or ENTER THE VOID are heaped with unquestioning praise while quieter, more directly human films like those above tend to slip under the radar. It is not my opinion that one type of film need exclude the existence of another, but that does seem to be opinion of the critical establishment, so often blind to genuinely good films in the face of pointless cinematic provocation. Why this false assumption that we need to be shocked somehow in order to get something out of the cinematic experience. What of the meditative and transcendental? Oh well, I guess that leaves more of these good films for the rest of us, something increasingly rare we can treasure and share among like minds. Still, I continue to be saddened by how easily both critics and film viewers fall prey to hype.
Whatever, I'm just one guy with an opinion, like many others on the internet, and you can take or leave it, I suppose, but do try to see these films.
Perhaps I'll post more of what I liked from this year at a later date. I certainly intend to post something sometime soon, and not just let this blog sit here month after month as I've been doing....