Monday, January 11, 2010


So, surprisingly, I have been given, thanks to the Drunken Severed Head, a ONE LOVELY BLOG award. This is one of those nice things where bloggers are given the award and then pass it along to some of their favorite blogs. It's a cool chance to give some deserving websites a little recognition, so here are the 10 blogs I'm passing on the award to:

1. Branded in the 80s- Pop culture commentary with an emphasis on stickers and cartoons.

2. Hooray for Wally Wood- All about comic book artist Wally Wood.

3. Made for TV Mayhem- Well-written reviews of TV movies.

4. Monster Brains- All kinds of horror stuff.

5. Monster Movie Music- Images and sounds from horror and b-movies.

6. Plaid Stallions- Pop culture with an emphasis on toys and bad 70s fashion.

7. Rad Dudes- Nothing but pictures of rad dudes.

8. The Scandy Factory- VHS cover scans, film clips, movie stills, nudie pics, pretty much everything you could possibly want.

9. Sexy People- Vintage portrait pictures.

10. We Have Lasers- Vintage portrait pictures- with lasers!

Thanks again to the Drunken Severed Head for sending this award my way...


Amanda By Night said...

Awww, thank you for this. I will post something tomorrow. Thanks again! And you have a great blog, btw! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so late in getting to these lovely recognitions I've received over the past couple of weeks (tumblr has taken me over completely). You're a man of exquisite cinematic taste, and your tumblr is one of my favorites, so thank you, Harris! It's a pleasure to know you.