Monday, September 7, 2009


Wow, THE KILLING GENE is a bad movie. Like, impressively bad. First off, it's called THE KILLING GENE, which if you watch the film you realize is about as dully descriptive of a basic plot point as you can get, which isn't bad per se, but that plot point is so stupefying, naming the movie after it just seems to add to the overall lack of intelligence that permeates the entire production. This is the kind of movie that seems as though it were written by someone who speaks English as a second language, and whose main exposure to American culture comes from 80's cop shows and the movie SE7EN, or however the fuck it's supposed to be spelled. Anyway, nothing that happens in THE KILLING GENE, nor any of its characters, bear any kind of resemblance to anything that has ever happened among human beings in day-to-day reality, beyond I guess the basics of the people in the film speaking language and wearing clothes, etc. I think they show someone eating food at one point, that's about as realistic as this thing gets. Oh, and everyone breathes air. I could relate to that.

A few points of interest- THE KILLING GENE stars Stellan Skarsgard, who I once considered to be kind of a class act. Here is seems to be channeling the characteristic growl of b-movie character actor William Smith, which isn't a bad thing unto itself, but it's sort of like watching Max Von Sydow try to imitate Charles Bronson or something, it's totally ridiculous and it does nothing to lend credibility to the movie. Actually, the star of the film seems to Melissa George, although her character doesn't actually really do anything, or have anything to do with the story, and disappears almost entirely before the film's climax. Also in the cast is Selma Blair, who I'm not saying is a great actress or anything, but isn't she kind of a legitimate movie and TV star? Isn't she at least a little bit above played the villain in a crummy straight-to-cable "psycho thriller?" Thrillers like this, by the way, are really the worst genre of movies. I mean, it's not really a horror movie, it won't commit to that, so it's also kind of a cop movie, but it's not really a good cop movie, because there's nothing really realistic about it, so instead it's all the crappy "gritty" posturing of a bad cop movie with all the colored lights and style-sans-substance of a bad SAW-style horror movie. Ick.

The plot of this thing is especially insane, too. I like how they throw a bunch of algebra equations up on a blackboard and have a nebbishy scientist explain things to try to give totally half-baked, completely unintelligible ideas some legitimacy. As it stands, THE KILLING GENE of the title refers to the genetic disposition of people to kill in order to protect their...genes? I didn't really get it. There was this whole thing about throwing a crocodile into a monkey cage, and how the monkeys won't kill the crocodile to protect one another, but rather to protect their genetics, again, it all sounds like this was written by someone who doesn't speak English that well, an idea supported by the resemblance of this kind of incoherence to the kind found in the denouements of most Italian giallo films of the 1970's. So, yeah, it's kind of like that, only worse. Oh, and it's pretty racist too, so if everything else isn't enough for you, it's got that going on.

I'm actually feeling really enthusiastic about how bad this movie was. It's kind of exhilarating to encounter something so mind-numbingly misguided. Excitement. Seriously, though, don't watch it.

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