Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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I'm suffering from a post Comic Con cold. At least, I think it's a cold. I'm achy and tired and kind of stuffed up. Mostly tired, like abnormally tired. Maybe it's mono. Maybe it's DEATH. But, whatever. I was going to write some about Comic Con but I don't know if have anything that interesting to say about it. Highlights included spending time with friends, meeting a couple of new people, talking to some creators (Sean McKeever, Tony Bedard, Brian Wood, Danny Fingeroth), buying a bunch of dollar comics (some of the more unusual and interesting ones I'll scan and post here), taking a lot of pictures and getting a couple of nice sketches from the creators of Tiny Titans. There was no "Dead Like Me" panel, I guess that got cancelled. I didn't really get too enthused about any of the panels this year. Everything I wanted to check out was way too crowded or required waiting in an excessively long line to get into. I did catch part of a really stupid MTV-sponsored thing with Method Man, Chuck Nice and Judah Frielander. It was...stupid. The crowds at the show really bothered me this year. Attendance was high, but the mood was kind of grim. People seemed excessively pushly and aggressive. Nobody really seemed to have any concept of the kind of social graces or etiquette necessary for successfully navigating crowded spaces. Whatever, I guess ultimately the pros outweighed the cons, such as it were, but even so, it just wasn't as fun as it was in previous years. On the plus side, George Perez reposted a photo I took of him on his blog, so that's kind of neat. I've actually been reading, mostly for the first time, Perez and Marv Wolfman's excellent NEW TEEN TITANS comics from the early 80's, and really digging on them, so it's a cool coincidence that he's the greator who found one of my pics. Neat, right? Eh, you don't care.

Meanwhile, more film reviews are forthcoming. Next up is probably Joseph Losey's BOOM! I've also recently watched Curtis Harrington's QUEEN OF BLOOD/PLANET OF BLOOD, with John Saxon and Basil Rathbone, and a few interesting recent films. I'm debating if I want to look at the new films capsule style, as I've been doing, or devoting more space to them, or whatever. This isn't interesting, and now I'm starting to get tired again. More to follow.

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