Sunday, January 25, 2009

this is exciting...

Anonymous posted:
"Fuck you. Heath and TDK weren't overpraised. They deserve every award. Maybe you're just too dumb to get it."

Ha, I've been doing this blog for almost two years now and I finally got my first anonymous "fuck you" comment. Negative Pleasure is officially on the internet. So, my snappy comeback- Someone who cares enough about a movie to get this angry about it, yet can't be bothered to actually write out the full name of the movie, doesn't have the guts to post their name, accuses people with different opinions of being "too dumb to get it," and refers to celebrities they've never met by their first name has problems more serious than mine (unless this was written by Michelle Williams, in which case I apologize and I think you should let me take you dinner to show how sorry I am, actually I think you should take me to dinner because you're rich and I'm unemployed). Also, getting so angry over something I've written only serves to make me feel important, so thanks for that.

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