Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weird mystery tales 5...

And here's "Weird Mystery," amongst the last of our DC horror titles. "Weird Mystery" was one of many "Weird" titles published by DC. Others included "Weird Western Tales," "Weird Worlds" and the fairly long running "Weird War." In the 1980s, they also published a miniseries called "The Weird," though it was about superheroes and not an anthology (the character is still around today, and is currently in the "Rann-Thangar Holy War" miniseries I'm ashamed to admit I've really been enjoying. Actually, I'm not ashamed at all, but I feel the need to at least put on the artifice that I'm a normal person, but, fuck it, y'know, I really like the "Rann-Thangar Holy War" miniseries. It has Bizarro in it). "Weird Mystery" (or "Weird Mystery Tales," if you wanna be specific) only ran for about three years, from 1972-1975. Interestingly enough, "Weird Westerns," which I've never actually seen a copy of, ran five years longer, and "Weird Worlds," which I've seen and owned many copies of, only ran until 1974. "Weird War Tales," by contrast, ran from 1971 until 1983. Did I say this was interesting? I mean it's not interesting at all.

Here's "Weird Mystery" issue five. The cover I think is once again Nick Cardy. "Will You Listen?" is written by Sheldon Mayer, with very EC-comicsesque Alfred Alcala art. "Legacy of the Damned" is by Jack Oleck, with unusual Rico Rival art (the female antagonist looks like a cross between Raquel Welch, Zsa Zsa Gabor and a tiger). "Dream House" is also by Oleck, with some nice art by Alex Nino. I have a few more issues of this to share, it was a pretty great series, but then I like pretty much all this 1970s DC horror stuff, really I've never encountered a 1970s DC horror comic I didn't like, so what do I know?

Meanwhile, it's like a billion degrees in my apartment, which is alright, because I hate being comfortable. No, but seriously, I guess it's good practice for...something. Anyway, I'm really uncomfortable and pissy, and further unhappy because being uncomfortable is making it hard to sleep, which is making it hard to wake up, which is making it hard to get anything done, and so forth and so on. Oh well. Upcoming film reviews will likely include "The Unseen," "Microwave Massacre," "Toxic Zombies" and "Madhouse," starring Vincent Price and Peter Cushing. Life sucks, though. For real.

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