Saturday, October 25, 2008

twisted tales 5...

Here's Twisted Tales #5, from 1983. Again, the cover is by Richard Corben, and I've included a complete story, "Terminated," with his art (is it just me or does this seem to have been a big influence on the movie "Cabin Fever?"). "Scritch Scritch Scritch" has art by Bill Wray, who, in addition to his work on "Cracked," did some stuff at "Mad," and did a series in the 1990s called "Hellboy Jr" that a friend highly recommended to me after the last Bill Wray posting a day or two ago. "Majority of One," a werewolf story with a cool twist ending, has art by the great Val Mayerik, who had worked pretty extensively at Marvel on their horror titles "Creatures on the Loose," "Adventures Into Fear," "Fear," "Man-Thing," "Monsters Unleashed," "Vampire Tales" and "Frankenstein." He worked on "Howard the Duck" with Steve Gerber and later, on "Destroyer Duck," Gerber and Jack Kirby's amazingly inventive hate letter to Marvel (and really, to later capitalist consumer culture in general). "Banjo Lessons" has art by Rand Holmes, an underground cartoonist from Canada, who for the last 15-20 years of his life owned his own island. Seriously, he just bought an island in Canada and lived on it. "Banjo Lessons" is a pretty disturbing and serious story about racism, homophobia and repressed memory, it's genuinely kind of shocking and well worth a read...

Coming in the next few days, another issue of "Twisted Tales," the next 10 of the 31 films of Halloween, and the continuation of the film reviews I've been procrastinating on. Dig it!

Also, I don't know if this is only in NYC, or if it's nationwide, but tomorrow night, Saturday the 25th, at 8pm, WPIX channel 11 is going to be presenting a special Chiller Theatre (the horror movie show that aired locally for many years) showing of the film "Tarantula!" (it's a good one), hosted by venerable New York horror host John Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul. This is weird and awesome and I'm super glad it's happening. I wish I was going to home to watch it but I have to go to some more screenings at the CMJ festival that night (check out my coverage on East Village Radio), but I'm totally DVRing it and watching it as soon as I get home.

Keep it scary, Halloweeners!

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