Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secrets of the Sinister House 13

If Monday sucked, Tuesday sucked marginally less. Marginally. I feel a day behind this week. I also feel fucking irritable. Watching the debate tonight didn't help, nor did the past weekend's hateful (and I'd say borderline racist) attacks from the right. Is there really that much of a culture gap between Americans? Is there something I'm fundamentally missing by living on the East Coast, or in New York City? People booing the New York Times? On the Daily Show Tonight, John Stewart (talking to Sarah Vowell) made what I thought was a great point, that Republicans like Palin will come and visit NYC and visit the site of the former World Trade Center, they're certainly willing to use that to stir up some sentiment. They'll fucking line up to blow former mayor and hate crime enthusiast Giulliani, but as soon as they're back sucking up to their "base," we're "elitists" and we're out of touch with the rest of the country. Y'know, it's fucking insulting, like those of us who were actually in New York on September 11th are viewed by, what, 30-40% of the country as, y'know, basically as "fags," or whatever, cuz we mostly don't own guns or cars, and because we, like, read and support equal rights and stuff.

And another thing, goddamit, stop calling American the "greatest country in the world" or the greatest leader or peacekeeper or whatever. How is saying the place you come from is the best in existence not elitist? It's not that I think that the US is worse than other countries, I just don't think there's a definitely set of criteria for judging the superiority of one group of people over another. Y'know, like the Nazis used to do. This is why so many other countries in the word only give a fuck about us as much as we're useful to them, because our leaders publicly pronounce all other countries inferior to ours. Do you ever hear the non-megalomaniacal leaders of other countries saying things like that? And what's with the right and their hatred for diplomacy, McCain decrying Obama for his willingness just to sit down with other world leaders without setting conditions first.

And I'm not even going to talk about McCain calling Obama "that one," because we already knew that McCain and Palin were fucking racist and running a racially charged campaign and this was just the icing on the cake, or whatever...

Anyway, I've been trying pretty much all day to post this fucking comics, "Secrets of the Sinister House" #13, and every single time something has gone wrong, the computer has crashed, the internet has gone out. It's like a Halloween curse! Which I guess makes sense since it's, y'know, issue 13. Oooh, spooky. I think the Jack Oleck/Alex Nino story below is complete, for some reason at the moment memory is failing me if I scanned the whole thing or not, but it seems like it. Atom age stuff, with that great spooky-psychedelic art by Nino. The cover is by Nick Cardy again, I think, and the other story is by John Albano with Afred(o) Alcala art. I've also included a beautiful (yeah, I said it, beautiful) ad for the Denny O'Neill/Mike Kaluta "Shadow" series with art by Kaluta. It's basically the cover of the first issue, but printed differently, like, on the inside of the comic instead of the cover, so it's newsprinty and 4-colored instead of glossy-ish and cover colored, y'know. There's already some cool inking stuff going on with this one, so it's basically just extra totally awesome. I'll probably put up the 1970s Shadows sometime after Halloween. They're pretty near and dear to me, because the actual issues I have were among the many comics given to me by my older cousins when I was a kid, and also because the Shadow was one of the first superheroes I became aware of as a little kid, from listening to recordings of the old radio show. Anyway, that's jumping the gun some, so here (if the images ever upload, not that this really affects you, the reader, and I might add, your readership is always appreciated and valued, I'll say, no matter what part of the country you might come from) is "Secrets of the Sinister House" #13 aka "the post that didn't really nearly kill but certainly put me on edge and stressed me the fuck out alot, but what else is new, really?" the end.

More to come...

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