Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the last spectre post...

So, here's the last of the Fleischer/Aparo "Wrath of the Spectre" stories from "Adventure Comics," circa 1975. These wrap up the run decently, although apparently there were still some unused stories, either written and drawn, or written then later drawn (by Jim Aparo) and published in the 1980s. I might have those somewhere, I sort of remember having them swing my way at some point, but I have no idea where they are, so if I ever find them, I'll post them. Anyway, I totally dig the SLA-type revolutionaries in issue 339, and then the whole stuggle Spectre/Jim Corrigan has with his ghostly cause, the doomed romance etc. It's all good stuff. Both Dough Moench, in the 1980s, and John Ostrander, in the 1990s, would pick up various aspects of the character from the Fleischer-Aparo run for their respective "Spectre" series. After this, "Adventure Comics" shifted gears big time and started running significantly lighter stories starring Aquaman. To his credit, Jim Aparo was just as skilled at drawing Aquaman as he was at doing the Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Deadman or Batman, and created what I think is the definitive version (visually anyway, for me, anyway) or the aquatic avenger. Why do people bag on Aquaman so much?

Stay tuned for more of something, nothing or everything. Halloween countdown coming soon, like, in a week. Crazy, man.

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