Tuesday, July 1, 2008

through early morning fog i see...

For our first post this month, here's some more on comic book character Deadshot. These come from the first few issues of the 1987 series "Suicide Squad." The series, about a group of semi-reformed supervillains sent on black ops missions by the government, ran for nearly five years, with all issues written by John Ostrander, sometimes with his wife Kim Yale (who died in 1997). Intentionally or not, "Suicide Squad" played out as a kind of antithesis to stereotypical 1980s macho action type stuff, your Rambos and Punishers and the like, by really making an effort to delve into the psychology of its' main characters, portraying them as damaged, psychically wounded individuals.

Of all the characters in the series, Deadshot probably benefited the most from Ostrander's sensitivity to what makes his antiheroes work. Once simply an underutilized Batman villain, Deadshot's backstory and motivations were greatly expanded upon in "Suicide Squad," with the most notable revelation being Deadshot's suicidal tendencies, confounded by his own inability to actually kill himself. These ideas, as well as Deadshot/Floyd Lawton's backstory and relationship with his family, were expanded on in a 1988 spin-off miniseries by Ostrander and Yale and regular "Suicide Squad" artist Luke McDonnell.

Here are some images from the series' first few issues...

Issue 1, written by John Ostrander, art by Luke McDonnell & Karl Kesel:

Issue 2- Ostrander, McDonnell, Kesel:

Issue 4, Ostrander, McDonnell & Bob Lewis (inks):

More to come...

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