Sunday, January 27, 2008

whoopsy doodle

Yikes, I just realized in my last post I accidentally wrote that I was posting my "favorite websites by people I don't necessarily enjoy." What I meant to write is "websites I enjoy by people I don't necessarily know." If you're one of the people whose websites I linked to and you looked at the page and read that, I'm super sorry, it was totally a typo, so don't think I'm a total dick or anything. Get to know me first, then you can think I'm a dick. Or something. Anyway, I fixed it so it reads more politely now.

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Hey Epstein said...

Can't say I agree with this list: Although I'm assuming Eastern Promises is worthy. Otherwise its hard not to include (in order):
1) There Will be Blood
2) No Country for Old Men
3) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
4) Michael Clayton

Honorable mention goes to 'Teeth' for being so bad it's good and a movie I saw at work which will never see the the light of day because it is too brilliant "Memorial Day."

On a side not I worked as a grip a few days on Joshua. (Dave Matthews came to set the last day of shooting. I think he put money into the project, but I don't really know why he ws there. I thought the movie was going to blow during shooting. Still haven't seen the final verson yet).