Monday, December 31, 2007

negative new year

I've been pretty fucked up with the flu for the past few days and haven't felt much like writing (or walking or talking for that matter), but I wanted to put up a quick post to say Happy New Year and also give a big thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog. It's pretty wild, but in a few months, since the beginning of the Halloween deluge, Negative Pleasure has gotten over a thousand hits, which is totally awesome. It's been a pretty wild year, sometimes pretty good, sometimes really bad, often just plain weird. Throughout all of it, Negative Pleasure has become an important outlet for me to vent about some of this stuff, as well as a place to explore my various pop culture obsessions. Anyway, thanks for reading and making comments and generally being awesome. Now I'm going to crawl back under the covers and welcome in the New Year by sleeping and hoping I wake up less ridden with disease tomorrow...Happy Negative New Year!

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