Thursday, November 22, 2007

more kamandi & more

Happy Thanksgiving! If anyone reading this is going to be around NYC this weekend, I'm going to be playing a short set with my "band" D&D Music Factory (it's just me and Justin Silverman, the sometimes co-host of my radio show, Modern Products) at the Cake Shop this Saturday night. There are going to be a bunch of bands playing 10 minute sets to the visuals of the Keanu Reeves-Sandra Bullock sci-fi/romance flick "The Lake House." Fun, right? The show goes from 10pm until around 12:30 or 1am, the Cake Shop is on Ludlow between Rivington and Stanton. See you there?
Meanwhile, here is some more of Kamandi by Jack Kirby. Issue 26 features not one but two fabulous splash pages (each split here into two separate images, as usual), and I totally dig the bulldog soldiers from #27. In Kirby's post-apocalyptic world, sometimes the animal-people correspond thematically to their location, so the British are bulldogs, Russia is bears etc. Some of the animal classifications make less sense, but are still pretty cool. The US is divided among Lions, Tigers and Gorillas (as well as some robot gangsters), with parts of the Southwest and Central America sanctioned as "Wild Human Preserves." Hawaii is the Orangutan Surfing Civilization. Australia is the King Rat Murder Society. Germany is ruled by Gorillas, Italy by Wolves, China by the Mao-Tse Tigers!
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Until next time, enjoy the pumpkin pie...

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