Friday, October 19, 2007

weird adventure comics (circa 1974-1975)

As mentioned yesterday, here are some covers and pages from DC's "Weird Adventure Comics." Actually, some of the earlier ones are still called "Adventure Comics," the series' original titles (it soon became "Adventure Comics" again after Aquaman moved from the supporting story to the main feature). These are more choice selections from the big box of strange 70s comics my cousins sent me when I was a kid. I'm so psyched I still have these. The artwork is by the great Jim Aparo, best known for his work on Batman, but certainly well-suited for the horror-superhero hybrid of the Spectre. Some of the issues have Aparo collaborating on the artwork with others, including Frank Thorne. The stories are written by Michael Fleisher.
Oh, and when I was talking about DC's "Weird" comics yesterday, I neglected to mention "Weird Worlds," a 70s sci-fi title.

And a great two page toy ad...

As Halloween draws closer, I'll be making comics posts daily in addition to the daily review, so check back early and often! Tomorrow, more DC weirdness with "Weird War Tales..." (also check back later tonight for my review of the film "Asylum")

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