Wednesday, October 24, 2007

special bonus post- scary stretchies

First off, thanks to Wonderful Wonderblog for mentioning Negative Pleasure on their list of websites doing daily Halloween posts. I've always enjoyed WW, so it's nice to get a nod from them (just like the mention from Branded in the 80s a couple of weeks ago). It's awesome to see how many blogs and websites are getting into the spirit of things, and posting stuff for Halloween.

Second, I wanted to put up a bonus post for a couple of toys I found recently. Normally for Halloween I'm all over the dollar stores and pharmacies around town looking for the coolest Halloween stuff. I'm especially wild for skulls, skeletons and black cats, and have a bunch around my apartment (perhaps one of the reasons I'm having such a hard time finding a new roommate right now?). This year I haven't been quite as motivated to seek out cool Halloween gear, in part because I'm on a pretty tight budget right now, and in part because alot of the usual suspects don't seem to be bringing out the Halloween goodies in quite the full force of years past.

Maybe that's why I was so psyched to find these guys when I stuck my head into one of the two 7-11s here in NYC to see what their Halloween setup was like. At about four dollars, these "Scary Stretchies" are probably a buck or two more than they're worth, but they're still pretty cool. I got a werewolf (as I've mentioned, my favorite of the classic monsters) and a guy who looks like he might be Mr. Hyde, or possibly a ghoul, or possibly Lon Chaney in "London After Midnight." I dunno, these figures have a certain chintzy charm for me, and they're totally fun to stretch and squeeze (the midsection is filled with little beans or something, I guess like a stress toy).

Sorry for the low quality pics, I was having a hard time getting a good image of these and wound up doing it with my video camera, which came out really low-res in the wider shots, but looks kinda nice in the closer pics. Anyway, enjoy...

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