Tuesday, October 2, 2007

31-ish days of Halloween

I guess if you've read some of the past entries here you can tell than I'm a big fan (albeit a discriminating one) of horror and things spooky and strange in general, so like alot of folks like that, I'm inclined to want to take grand stabs (so to speak) at celebrating the Halloween season on this website. Those of you who listen to my radio show, Modern Products, know I've been doing "13 weeks of Halloween" (encompassing all of September, October and November) and play various horror-themed (or just plain horrible) tunes. I don't know how realistic I'm being, but for Negative Pleasure I thought it would be cool if I tried to do a 31 days of Halloween, which alot of pop culture blogs do, and try to post something seasonally appropriate every day. Or possibly watch a horror movie every day this month and try to post something about it. Given me track record with infrequent posting, we'll see how well I can pull it off, but if you have faith in me, check in tomorrow for something or another.

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