Friday, March 2, 2007


The idea for this blog is something I've been thinking about for a while, and which has changed over time (procrastination can sometimes allow things to grow without actually existing) from something fairly specific to something, I guess, much less specific. Originally the idea was to write pretty much only about things that held both revulsion and fascination, movies, tv shows, comics and other cultural artifacts who's attraction lay mainly in their ability to repel. In some cases this would be intentional on the part of the creators of these things(I'm thinking of films like "Fat Girl" and "Palindromes"), but it could also be applied to media I'm embarrassed to enjoy, should know better than to enjoy or don't enjoy but watch anyway. And then, finally, there would be stuff that's so-bad-it's-good. Or maybe also stuff that people think is bad but I think is good. But anyway, just trying to describe what the original thought was, it's already kind of branching out further and further. I'm not a person who's that good at compartmentalizing. So I figured a more general blog where I could write about the above mentioned media, as well as works I enjoy without the negative aspect, plus just general stuff about my life, the things I make and do, and also maybe some stuff written by friends and collaborators. Ultimately, I think the name "Negative Pleasure" will still hold true. It's reasonably emblematic of the tenor of my life and my struggle to enjoy it. That said, I hope you enjoy whatever emerges here and keep coming back for more, especially if the pleasure it brings is negative.

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